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Travler Taking Photograph Of The Running Train Along The Death Railway In Kanchanaburi

Thailand's day trip & Sightseeings

Experience the magic of Thailand's most spectacular events, up close and personal. From the awe-inspiring Yi Peng Lantern Festival, where thousands of glowing lanterns are released into the night sky, to the vibrant and colorful Balloon Festival, there are countless opportunities to witness the beauty and excitement of Thailand's rich culture and traditions. And these are just a few examples of the many popular events that take place in the country throughout the year. Whether you're looking for music, dance, art, or something else entirely, there is always something exciting happening in Thailand. So get your front-row seat and let the magic unfold before your eyes.

Activities & Experience

Embrace the spirit of adventure and discover the unique experiences that Thailand has to offer. Get your hands dirty by taking a cooking class and testing your skills as a master chef. Spend a day at a sanctuary, interacting with friendly elephants and learning about their care and conservation. Or, for a more romantic experience, take a sunset dinner cruise and watch the sky light up with vibrant colors. Whatever you choose, you're sure to find something that will stir your wanderlust and leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in Thailand.

Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi Shooting Seeds 1
Lady Cooking Thai Dessert Using Traditional Way At Ban Maneewong Kanchanaburi Thailand

Events & Festivals

Experience the magic of Thailand's most spectacular events, up close and personal. From the awe-inspiring Yi Peng Lantern Festival, where thousands of glowing lanterns are released into the night sky, to the vibrant and colorful Balloon Festival, there are countless opportunities to witness the beauty and excitement of Thailand's rich culture and traditions. And these are just a few examples of the many popular events that take place in the country throughout the year. Whether you're looking for music, dance, art, or something else entirely, there is always something exciting happening in Thailand. So get your front-row seat and let the magic unfold before your eyes.

What our guests says about us

Deborah G
March 6, 2024

River Kwai visit

Great day abs well worth a visit. It’s a lot if travelling from Bangkok to the locations but it was something we wanted to do. We was not disappointed and Peter our guide and our driver were great company for the full day (12 hours in total) The good thing is …you can catch up on some sleep during travelling time as the transportation is very comfortable and cool

Aman B
February 18, 2024

Excellent Guide and Tour!

An excellent tour, thanks to our tour guide “Bella”. She was knowledgeable and cared for all our needs. The lunch buffet was of good standard as well with a very nice selection. My mother and I enjoyed the experience / day very much (from the famous bridge over river Kwai, the waterfalls and national park, death railway and elephant sanctuary visit). We learned a lot about the tragic history around the railway construction and Japanese invasion shortly after Pearl Harbor. I am grateful for this newly acquired knowledge. Once again, thank you Bella!

Brian J
February 17, 2024

5 out of 5 stars ⭐️

Definitely the highlight of our trip! Our tour guide Nan made it extremely special and unforgettable. The trip provided a little bit of everything from history, wildlife, and overall engagement. Highly recommend if anyone is looking for a day trip away from the bustling city.

Sean G
January 28, 2024

Private Tour: River Kwai, Erawan waterfalls, Hellfire Pass & Death Railway

A memorable day trip. Erawan National Park and waterfalls were especially beautiful. Our guide, Daranee, went above and beyond to accommodate our interests. She even arranged a gluten free lunch at a restaurant near the waterfalls and our bus driver had an ice bin full of water bottles, welcome after walks to the waterfalls and Hellfire Pass. A lovely end to our holiday in Thailand.

Eduardo D
January 16, 2024

Great experience, enjoy the unique architecture of Thai temples !

Excellent tour, we have been assisted by Addy Fox, who brought valuable information about the temples as well as the local culture and how they connect to the local habits

January 15, 2024

Great tour

Private tour was excellent but wished water would have been available in the van during the ride as this was a full day tour.

Susan D
January 14, 2024

Wonderful city

Wonderful City! Loved every site in Bangkok, especially the street food. Felt very safe and at home there. Looking forward to going back next month.

Jane l
January 5, 2024

Top Notch! I would hate to see this tourist attraction go away because of lack of funds.

Unbelievable experience! Charlie, our guide, and their handlers were kind & knowledgeable! We could not have been happier in our adventure!

Karina P
December 28, 2023

A super cool experience.

Excellent guide and the places that we visit were amazing. The guide was super friendly and kind. We did everything that was described in the trip. The transportation was comfortable and safe.

James L
December 23, 2023

They cancelled and didn’t tell us

Didn’t go. Received two confirmation emails advising us of pick up time of 6.30am. Woke up early and excited and waiting for car. After 30mins, contacted company to be advised they had cancelled our booking. No reasons given, just told to check the website. When asked if they had anyone available they said they were booked out. I guess that was the reason. Double checked and never received an email to advise they cancelled the booking the day before. Now I have to chase the bank to get a refund of over $500usd for a 3 person booking. Will also be leaving BKK in 2 days so won’t get a chance to see it. Absolutely shocking. Don’t bother with these people.

Benny G
December 16, 2023

Loved it. The waterfalls were the highlight and even more beautiful than expected.

We did this with a couple of business friends. It was a great day. The waterfalls were the highlight. Just amazing - If you love nature, you'll love this.

The Elephant Haven was good, but having visited Lek Chailert's Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. It felt a bit rushed and like the elephants weren't treated very well. They weren't roaming free and were forced to do tricks and pose for photos by the water. My past experience in Chiang Mai was very different (free-roaming elephants who can do what they want).

It's a long day: over 12 hours. More than half of this time is spent driving. The van was luxurious and comfortable.

December 3, 2023

It was a pleasure to share this day with my wife

We had a private tour and it is a bonus. From visiting the waterfalls and going for a swim, (the fish nibbling is an experience like no other). To visiting the associated 2nd WW sites ( Bridge over the River Kwai) and listening to the information from the guide. Then to finish the day with Elephant Care - so many incredible experiences in 1 day.

December 1, 2023

Wonderful day out in nature, swimming in waterfalls, visiting the elephants!

One of the best days of our trip. After a day working our way around congested Bangkok, it was a balm to the soul to take this trip out to the national park, swim in a series of gorgeous waterfalls, then visit the elephants. The surrounding area is beautiful and was a perfect capstone for the last day of our trip. Our guide, Prit, was fantastic. The van was clean and comfortable. We were able to stop when we needed for convenience stops. Lunch was a good buffet at a really pretty restaurant.
We were all a little worried about the "hike" to the waterfalls, so for future readers here's the lowdown: You park and then walk a paved fairly flat trail about 300m to the first falls you can swim in (technically falls #2.) We went up to #3, paved, mildly inclined trail, and #4, (paved, much steeper with stairs.) We were there in November and the water was cool but very comfortable. There are changing rooms at level #2. It's definitely more on the "we have infrastructure out in nature" side than the "you're hoofing it thru undeveloped jungle."
The elephants have the potential to get you very wet, which they know. We were given heavy weight cotton dark blue pj type shorts and shirts to wear, along with flip flops. They'll keep your clothes and shoes in a basket for your. Go commando and keep your undies dry, or bring a second set. There are changing rooms and showers with towels, shampoo and soap available. We were soaking wet by the time we got out of the river with elephants. We gave one of the workers a phone from the group and he took continuous pictures and video, which was a bonus. We had a great time and got some fabulous pictures.
Definitely take this tour, you won't regret it!

Debbie S
November 25, 2023

Ken our tour and Fred our driver was great. Totally recommend.

Our experience was so amazing with the history of the bridge, Erawan waterfall, and our favorite the Elephant Sanctuary visit. Ken was great and very knowledgeable on everything. I appreciate that he took his time to take a picture for us and that he had fun with us too. Thank you Ken and Fred our driver. He got us safe to our destination. Ken I would recommend you the next time we do another tour in Thailand. We loved every moment. Thank you Debbie

November 19, 2023

Private tour for couple

Our tour guide Rung was really good. The day felt chill while also productive. We appreciated that the planning of the day had avoided peak timing of massive crowds. Would recommend this !

Claire M
November 17, 2023

Great experience, very wholesome and ethical

Really lovely day and very kind people. They really care about the elephants and it’s all very authentic and interesting. Highly recommend

Charlotte K
November 17, 2023

Does the job if you don’t drive

It’s nice if you don’t have a car. If you do and don’t mind driving, this trip isn’t worth your money. The trip allows very limited time to explore each spot, and the tourist doesn’t speak very good English nor has more information than what a quick cursory Google search has to offer. The lunch arranged was not particularly great which was evidenced by the complete lack of customers despite the lunch hour.

November 13, 2023

Elephants in their natural habitat

Awesome experience to interact with these magnificent creatures. They let us see them in their natural environment while allowing us to experience them in their environment in a save manner.

Lani N
November 8, 2023

Shimmering Temples accompanied by a friendly, knowledgeable guide

Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable about the temples and about the area. These were very unique temples unlike others we have seen.

Mike R
October 31, 2023

The waterfalls were stunning & feeding & washing the Elephants is something I will remember forever

I would recommend you use the Golf Buggy to get you too the first waterfall & if you have time and the stamina visit all 7 levels of the waterfall.

Jacqueline P
October 26, 2023

Hellfire pass day trip

This is possibly the best tour I have done in Thailand. Our guide Rung was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Rung treated us like her family and was fun. Thankyou Rung. Highly recommend 👌

Mary P
October 26, 2023

Loved the national park!

Prakob was a wonderful guide and the highlight of the day was definitely the hike up erawan falls. Bring a towel bc they have shower rooms at the bottom to change after a swim. The trip to/from Bangkok took about 3 hours each way so be prepared for that. The elephant park was my least favorite bc the elephants are clearly trained to cater to tourists for photo opportunities. They seemed to be more interested in the business of tourism there than providing a sanctuary for animals. It was more like a zoo with trained elephants to do tricks. But the cave temple at Burma railway was very cool. Overall it was a fantastic outing and customer service with my guide and chauffeur was top notch.

Michelle S
October 1, 2023

Best in Bangkok!

I admit I was getting tired of visiting Wats. However, this was one of our last in Bangkok and I am SO happy we saw it. Absolutely the best! One of the guards also offered to take some pictures of me with my son, when he saw we were alone. Truly not to be missed!

Hannah K
September 30, 2023

Unforgettable family day

Our family of five (3 teens) absolutely loved this tour. Our guide Khun Krit was fabulous and so helpful. We visited the Bridge over the River Kwai first, then the elephants, then lunch and finally the beautiful Erawan waterfalls. We loved everything but the highlight was the elephants. We fed them watermelon and elephant “sushi” which was fun and then the beautiful elephant Ploy came down to the river with us for a bath. It was an unforgettable experience to be so close to these majestic animals. Highly recommend.

krystian g
September 7, 2023

Elephant Bliss

This trip was so amazing and everyone was so nice to us
The elephants were great and so lively and sweet
This was one of the best days I had here in Thailand hands down
Would definitely do it again

Rowena L
August 22, 2023

Amazing experience

We had an amazing experience with the elephants. Everything was very laid back and we went with what the elephants wanted. The elephants and their carers obviously have a mutual respect and our guide was very helpful and knowledgeable. He always made sure our daughter was safe and able to join in. An unforgettable experience. It was so fun.

Brian S
August 15, 2023

Amazing Experience

This was an amazing experience. My driver was on time and worked hard to make sure I was comfortable for the whole trip. He even bought me a tasty snack to try on the way. The guides at the elephant sanctuary were all really nice, especially the lead gentleman, Patrick. It was a beautiful experience with the animals. I had lots of close up time to feed, play and wash the elephants and they were wonderful to be around. Very gentle and majestic animals.

Lucy M
August 5, 2023

One in a lifetime experience!!

This trip was amazing! You must book! Our tour guide, Krit, looked after us from the moment he picked us up until dropping us off back at our hotel. The trip is organised perfectly, with great time to rest between stops. The lunch provided is fantastic with a range of options. The driver, Chat, was also great.

The elephants, waterfall and experience at the bridges is an experience we will always remember.

Everyone most book this trip!

Caroline C
July 31, 2023

A good combination of places to visit

E had a great day out. Lots of fun at the waterfall and then on to Hellfire pass where we learnt lots. Our guide was very knowledgable and accommodating and we came off the highway so we could see the local villages and more of the countryside.

July 30, 2023

Bath with an elephant

Visiting the river Kwai was good. Then getting in it and washing an elephant was brilliant. Trekking up the waterfalls was the icing on the cake. Our guide was very helpful and really knowledgable. If you can spare a day in Thailand, you must do this trip.

Lohan M
July 28, 2023

Outstanding views

Fantastic guide and the waterfall is amazing, lots of walking uphill but worth the view, great place to have a swim.

Adrienne L
July 18, 2023

Essential trip for animal lovers

A lovely day spent with the lovely ladies who call the sanctuary home. It was so relaxing and calm. The contact with the elephants was amazing. Take spare clothes the elephants love to share the mud. The staff are lovely and so kind.

Karl H
July 18, 2023

Elephant Haven Heaven

A bucket list adventure. An experience that will stay with me forever. Connect with elephants living in the most natural environment doing what elephants naturally do. No rides or tricks for entertainment purposes. The happiest and most friendly elephants we have ever spent time with. An experience for everyone.

Cindy H
July 12, 2023

Highly recommend this great experience

This was a tremendous experience for myself and my grandson. We took a private car from our hotel and it was great, the driver and guide were so helpful and kind. When we arrived we were welcomed and assigned to a group and took off with the elephants! The camp is beautiful and all of the people there were great. Interacting with the elephants was so much fun. We fed them, did a mud spa and finally swam with them. Again the guides at the camp were just great with my grandson, encouraging him to get up close with the elephants and swim out in the river. He did not want to leave!

Ahlam Z
July 3, 2023

Luxury Tour

I recommend this trip for people who's looking for a luxury tour,this the best tour ever.
First:our tour starts at 06:30,our amazing tour guide Mr SOMSAK AND MR MARK(Driver) were down at reception at 5:45 so punctual and professionnel people , after a very warm welcome from their side ,I was amazed by the luxury air conditioned car,extremely clean,nit and well maintained.
I recommend this tour for people who are looking for perfection.

Dwight C
July 3, 2023

Outstanding and fulfilling.

All four major stops on this tour were great but the guide offer much more information, depth and context, as we’re traveled for around six hours to get to all great sights and experiences. We saw the Bridge Over River Kwai, the Erawan Water Fall, Elephant preserve and Death RailRoad with a visit to the cave.

Recommend the trip and the guide. Great day and experiences.

Worth every minute

An amazing day out with the informative and very lovely Pipop. Before we even went he had organised the day before with the hotel for them to make us a packed breakfast as it is an early start a but so worth it. He then flipped the itinerary so that we would do the waterfalls last as a refreshing way to end what would inevitably be a hot and humid day. Off we set - first stop a coffee shop to take the edge of two teenagers with jet lag - iced coffees to hand - first official stop ‘the bridge’. Set in beautiful countryside it makes it more difficult to imagine the horrors that both the allied prisoners of war and Romusha suffered. Closing my eyes made it easier - utterly overwhelmed, I ended up in full on tears which made walking across a little hairier than it needed to be. On to a little further along ‘Death Railway’ to view how it hugs the edge of the ridge and snakes out before you. Alongside a serene ‘temple’ in a cave in the rock face which when you are standing in you can view, in utter contrast, the railway before you. On to Hellfire Pass - what can one say - the Australians together with the Thai Government have done the memory of those that were lost, or who made it through the suffering and came home, proud. A really lovely museum - watch the short film - it is utterly worth spending the time doing so. There are two walks you can do from there - a 1hr walk and a 3hr - the 1hr takes you down through enough and is relatively easy although it starts and ends with steps so be warned on the thigh burn. It was all redone in the 80’s after a former Australian POW persuaded both governments that the elements of the Burma Railway should be preserved. Thank goodness he did, it is all very moving as well I imagine providing somewhere for people to visit to bring closure. On a practical note the toilet facilities are great and there is a water refueling station. Final stop Erwan Falls - 7 levels to climb if you are of that mindset - however levels 1,2 and 3 are good for swimming - tho you have to hire a life jacket. Pool two has some very friendly fish who will help with your pedicure! Watch out for the bigger ones!!! 12 hours door to door but worth every single minute. Pipop was utterly delightful and really knowledgeable and helpful so be sure to ask for him and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Pipop!

Alexis P
June 28, 2023

Very special tour!

Fantastic tour. Guide was knowledgeable and friendly. The elephant sanctuary and waterfalls were particularly special. Highly recommended but be prepared for a 3-4 hour return trip in the car.

June 21, 2023

A long but very enjoyable day.

A long day, but good one. Our guide and driver were fantastic and the guide very knowledgeable. Be aware that a fair bit of the day is spent in the vehicle,, so stops at the Bridge, the railway and other attractions are necessarily short. The waterfalls are stunning and we enjoyed our walk and swim there. The elephant sanctuary was a highlight, and lots of fun; be prepared to get wet!!! Lunch at a local, family restaurant is included and was tasty.

Chandra K
June 15, 2023

Great experience to share with your family

Great experience overall. It is a full day but the variety of the experiences is worth it. Erawan falls is a moderately difficult hike to the top, but even a partial excursion is well worth the effort. Elephant bathing is spectacular. Elephants appear to be treated humanely and well, which enhanced my enjoyment. Kawaii bridge is interesting but doesn't add much to the experience.

June 13, 2023

Special Day

What an outstanding trip. Our driver was so pleasant and professional. He even stopped at the River Kwai to show us the famous bridge.

June 10, 2023

We’d do it all over again

BEST experience ever! 💙 The tour guides were awesome and very informative. We were very hands-on with the elephants and had a magnificent time.

Bill M
June 8, 2023

Elephants wash you...Fish Eat you

Loved the trip. Tour guide was excellent. I booked the private so just 3 of us were catered to. Elephants care is a must, you will never experience anything like this with these gentle giants. You wash them, they wash you. Lunch was great, waterfalls were beautiful. Watch out for the fish!! They will clean you non stop at every location. There are seven levels, tough climb.

Mary C
May 28, 2023

Great way to see a lot in one day

Our time in Bangkok was limited so this tour was a great way to experience a lot in one day. Jessie the guide was lovely, she taught us about the different place we visited, helped mind our bags, explained the customs and always made sure we had everything we needed.
We felt very spoiled

Fred Thaden
May 17, 2023

Spectacularly Awesome ... Absolutlely Amazing!

This is a must do when visiting Thailand! Preecha (Peter) was the best tour guide, knowledgable about Thai history, lifestyle, and customs and patient with our many questions. We loved every part of this tour. I love history so it was great to see in-person and walk the Burma railway along the river Kwai. My wife loves animals and the elephants stole her heart. Such huge yet gentle creatures. To be so close to them, feeding, touching, and even having a "water fight" was a thrill. Swimmimg at the Emarald Falls was so relaxing and beautiful. The lunch stop was great with really yummy food and impressive service. Preecha and our driver Mr. Ek made this day-trip one of our favorite Thai memories. Thank you for the education and the fun day!

May 7, 2023

Truly a private luxury tour

We had Jessie as our guide, get English, and great conversations. The transport was by private minibus, reclining seats and very comfortable. Can only praise the arrangements.
Jennie contacted the hotel the night before to ensure everything was set, and was waiting at the lobby on time to start the journey. This was truly a private tour.
The Erawan waterfalls is a favourite amongst
Thai people so it can get busy at level 1 to 3, the crowd thins as you go up. It's mandatory to wear a life jacket. Jennie arranged a golf buggy to take us from the car park to the first level, it's a long walk in the heat else.
Would recommend sturdy foot wear if you want to go above level 3, it's not too difficult to get to level 7, but it will take you time and won't leave much time for a swim and relaxation.
Lunch is at the park and included in the cost.
Hell Fire Pass is a must see to appreciate the cost to human life, a well presented memorial and very emotional.
The remainder of the time is spent visiting parts of the railway and end at the bridge of the river Kwai. This was a long tour, lasting over 12 hours, but this was luxurious and very private. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to get outside Bangkok and wanting some nature and history.
Jessie was brilliant!

Jiten M
May 5, 2023

Unlike anything else!

This is the best elephant conservation center. They clearly really love and respect the elephants. They seem to have ample room to freely roam, and the caretakers ensure they have healthy nutritious meals. I can’t believe we got to feed, walk with, bathe and swim with the elephants!! Once in a lifetime experience.

anthony c
April 27, 2023

Swim with the elephants, elephant, love, bananas & watermelon sugar high!

Such a privilege to share a space with these majestic creatures. To see them in the wild and in their natural habitat was incredible. Observing their natural instincts in the mud bath and the water was equally fascinating. We got to prepare their food and hand feed them which was such fun. Having the opportunity to be up close and personal with them especially in the water was a magical life experience. The supporting team were brilliant. A truly wonderful experience.

Ian R
April 22, 2023

Brilliant day out

Excellent day out. Ying contacted us the evening before to confirm arrangements and proved to be an excellent guide. She was friendly, accommodating and full of interesting information at all the attractions. She was also flexible as to how much time we were able to remain at each of the attractions.
Good combination of witnessing the natural beauty of the Thai countryside and the humbling Death railway.

April 18, 2023

Still no ethically sold…

I was very surprised when I saw chains around the necks of the adult elephants, was a great experience but walked away confused.