Into the Wild Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai

In the area around Chiang Mai, we will find that there are so many choices when it comes to elephant camps. All we could do is imagine with countless brochures sitting in front of us hoping we are making the right decision. Everyone has their own preferences of the type of experience they would like to take on. But if you are adventurous, and want not only to interact with the elephants but learn more about them as well. Then you might want to stick around.

Into the Wild Elephant Camp truly offer what their name suggests. Traveling almost 2 hours from Chiang Mai into the mountains, we will finally arrive at the valley with great scenery. There are huts on the hill which belongs to the mahouts, giving them the panoramic view of the forest to eye their elephants from afar. A rocky stream running past the area giving the chance for the elephant to cool themselves. A perfect place for them to go wild.

There are 6 elephants. All are treated with respect and kindness under the direction of the owner, who is very well educated about the elephants. This place is also a part of the Thai Elephant Alliance, an organization which legally works towards the best condition we can provide to these gentle giants.

What if the different between Into the Wild and the other elephant camps or sanctuary? Activities in camps are pretty much the same no matter which you choose to go for. There is walking in the forest, cooking for them, mud bath and the bath. There could be more or less, but they follow along these. The different is the elephants truly go wild here. They are roaming around by themselves in the forest, eating leaves, scratching themselves using the trunk and even snacking on the the tree bark. The mahouts really let them enjoy themselves here. We do not see this very often in places we have gone before. In this place, we feel that the elephant really has a life, enjoy different activity other than eating and bathing.

We recommend Into the Wild Elephant Camp for those who are adventurous and moderately fit. You should be able to walk and hike a distance, and handle yourself on slippery slope. The ride to the sanctuary is not the most comfortable ride. So, prepare yourself before going into the wild.