Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are implemented to protect us against last-minute cancellations, which can be costly and disruptive. These fees may be used to cover costs associated with the cancellation, such as administrative expenses, transaction fees or to compensate the business for any losses resulting from the cancellation.

For example, in the case of sightseeing and excursion services, we may have already incurred expenses related to the event, such as purchasing tickets or securing transportation. If a customer cancels their reservation close to the event, it may not be possible for the business to recoup these costs or fill the vacancy. As a result, a cancellation fee may be assessed to offset these costs and protect the interests of the service supplier.

Cancellation Policy

  • Sightseeing & Excursions

A cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if canceled 3 day(s) or less before the event

A cancellation fee of 50.0% is charged if canceled 7 day(s) or less before the event

A cancellation fee of 10.0% is charged in all cases.

No Show

  • 100.0% is charged if the customers are unable to attend the tour under any circumstances.