Elephant Village Sanctuary

Among thousands of hills and valleys in the Rose of North, Chiang Mai, lives a small family in a rural village of Dok Ko Ki. That is where the journey of the Elephant Village Sanctuary began. Together with a herd of 3 elephants, they create a fantastic place for travelers to have an unforgettable experience with the elephant. For about 90 minutes drive from Chiang Mai City into Mae Win district. You will find the village on the hill surrounded by rice terraces. Living here are the farmers who plant rice, corn, bananas vegetables and raise livestock. Inherited from the previous generation, Ken and his family decided to invite people to interact with the elephants his family has been caring for many decades.

In this elephant sanctuary, they offer an ethical experience and do not allow elephant riding. The Karen family treat the elephant and feed them very well. The elephant experience they offer includes elephant bathing, mud bath, making the herbal balls for the elephant, and feed them with it. During our visit to mid-2019, the Elephant Village Sanctuary introduces a new member to the family. The baby elephant now becomes the center of attention and is loved by many travelers.

Additionally, the sanctuary also has a small-trekking route to the waterfall where you can enjoy swimming and play with the natural water slider. They now offer both full-day and half-day elephant experience so you can enjoy the activity anytime you want!

What should you know about Elephant Village Sanctuary?

You should be confident in your fitness to participate in this tour. The experience can be categorized as an adventure, a rough one. First, your transport will be on a truck. There are several hikes during the tour and the walk to the waterfall in quite long. The rocks around the waterfall can slippery. It is recommended to bring footwear that can get wet and dirty with mud. Preferably, sandals. And bring the set of cloth that can get wet and dry quickly or a swimsuit.

What should you bring?

  • Set of cloth to change, or the one that can dry quickly
  • Comfortable shoes, or sandals
  • Insect Repellent, Sunscreen

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