November 11, 2023

Maeklong Railway Market. Visit the most unusual market in Thailand.

There are many unusual market around the world and Mae Klong Railway Market is definitely worth mentioning. There is nothing unusual about having a market near the train track, but this market has locate itself right on the track. Yes, that's right. As the train approach the market, the vendors lift or lower their umbrellas to make way for the train. The train moves slowly passing the market area, leaving only a few inches off the shops, goods, and people. Maeklong Railway Market is located in Samut Songkhram Province, about 1 hour drive from Bangkok.

Train arrives at Maeklong at : 08:30 AM, 11:10 AM and 02:30 PM

Train departs from Maeklong at : 06:20 AM, 09:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 03:30 PM

What to See at Maeklong Railway Market

train coming through maeklong railway market

Maeklong Railway Market is situated in Samut Songkram province. You will need only about an hour for a casual drive from Bangkok. The name Maeklong came with the river, for the local it is renown for abundant of fresh seafood, and more affordable than in Bangkok. It is only about 100 meter long from start to the end of the market. If you are here on time, you will hear the train approaching and the vendors start pulling in their stuff.

This occurrence only happens 7 times a day when the train arrive and depart. The vendors have to stop their businesses and quickly move their trays, drag their goods inside before lifting or pulling their roofs. They stand just beside the track holding on to their umbrellas as the train run through.

Tourists looking to experience the event should be prepared before the time of train arrivals. Some can choose to get a different feel by boarding the train from Bam Laem Station. This train actually begins from Wong Wien Yai Railway Station where you can easily go by Wong Wien Yai BTS Station. If you board the train from the origins, there will be a few stops before arriving at Maeklong Station and it will take you about 3 hours. Thus, your best bet of enjoying the train ride is from Ban Laem Station which takes only 1 hour.

train in the middle of maeklong railway market

Although it has made a debut as a famous tourist spot. The market has yet to turn itself into a mass of souvenir stores. Most of the shops and stalls sell fresh food, ingredients, spices, seafood and local fruits. The market walk here is fun and interesting, many weird things are offered and the vendors are very tourist-friendly. That said, the market itself is worth visiting even without the train event.

seafood sells at maeklong railway market

What to Eat at Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong market also has a number of local delicacies that you should give it a try. Be prepared for the real local taste, and be careful with chili offered in noodle restaurant. Things could get hot!

Kong Meng Chan for Delicious Pork Noodle

kong meng chan noodle bowl at maeklong railway market

Get a little close to eating like local. Pork Noodle serve as a great starter for those seeking the not so spicy local food. Though most local will go ahead and pour more spices in, you can just savor it as it is. The pork noodle highlight is the red roasted pork, it's tenderness and sweetness will make you crave for a double.

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Kha Moo Aom Sin for Braised Pork with steamed rice

braised prk with rice at maeklong railway market

Are you getting tired of pork? Bear with me as this is one of the best this area has to offer. Even if you tried this menu before, this restaurant will prove its superiority. The braised pork rice here is famous for having less fat on the skin, unlike other places where one have to cut the fat out by themselves. Thus, the dish is served with tender pork and crispy skin that you can enjoy to your heart content.

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